How To Change Your Age On TikTok In 5 Easy Steps

There are reasons why you can’t change your age on TikTok directly from the app. One of the reasons is to protect minors from viewing explicit content and engaging with adult users. They do not want underage users to change their birthdays.

There are certain restrictions for users under the age of 16  and teens under 13 are not allowed to use the video-sharing platform.


Some Common Questions People Asked About Changing Their Age On TikTok

Why Can’t I Change My TikTok Birthday?

You are not allowed to change your birthday on TikTok manually from your account. There are some minors who will want to access restricted content by trying to edit their age to 18+. This is one of the reasons why you may not be able to change your birthday.

How Can I Change My Birthday On TikTok Without Deleting My Account?

If you want to change your age on TikTok, you will need to contact their support so that they assist you to change it.  This blog post shows you the 5 easy steps on how to contact them in order to change your birthday on TikTok.

If you have used the wrong age on TikTok and want to change it, the only best way is to contact their support. This is how you can go about the process of changing your age on TikTok.


How To Change Your Age On TikTok

You can successfully change your birthday on TikTok by following these processes.

Step 1.  Open your TikTok app. Tap on that 3 lines at the upper right.

Step 2. Tap on Settings and privacy.

Step 3. Scroll down and tap on Report a problem

 Step 4. Scroll down and tap on Submit a report.

Step 5. On the feedback form, write to them that you want to change your birthday stating that the present one is inaccurate.

You will receive an email from TikTok asking for you to provide a valid means of identification to confirm your real date of birth. This means that you will need to have an email address added to your TikTok account.

With these simple easy 5 steps, you should be able to confirm your identity and change your date of birth on TikTok. I discovered that a lot of people have been trying to change their ages on TikTok. That is why I came up with this post.

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