How to Get Free Backlink from to Your Blog or Website

How will you feel if you could get a backling to your website or blog directly from

sounds amazing but unrealistic right?

yea i know, i would have felt that way to if i didnt know the method myself.

However, today you are going to be blown away by the method i’m going to share with you.

Imagine the level of traffic, domain authority and ranking you could achieve by getting google to link directly to your website., the Holy Grail of internet authority. Yes, you read that right.

I’m about to show you a step by step approach that will completely change you forever.

how to get free backlinks from the domain of the internet giant, is the highest assessor of legitimacy and relevance in the internet world currently. Websites’ fate is determined by their search algorithms, which affect its visibility and organic traffic.

Now you want to get a backlink from the exact site that determines the fate of websites and blogs.

Enough of the talking, lets get into it.

Here is a video guide if you prefer to watch the video guide:



How to get a free backlink from

Getting a backlink from involves 5 steps, i’ll list them below:

  1. you need a verified gmail account (google email account).
  2. write a minimum of 800 words article (this is the article you’ll be linking to your website or blog from).
  3. Follow the steps i’m going to lay down, dont try to do it yourself ( that’s if you want to get your desired result).
  4. get 2-3 image that explains more about your article in step 2.
  5. Follow my steps to publish the article like i explained (boom, you’re good to go. just wait for the magic).


Register or login to your verified Gmail account.

I think a lot of people have a gmail accounts, however, i dont want to guess.

so let’s quickly create a verified gmail account together.

create a Gmail account.

first, go to and type in “gmail” into the search bar or simply go to

Once it open up you’ll see something similar to the image below:

sign in to gmail

click on the create account option. you’ll get three(3) option popup. like the one below:

gmail for business

choose the option “for work or my business”, then waif few second to load-up a new page.

click on the blue “continue with Gmail” button.

gmail names

type in your “first and last name” in their respective order, then hit the “Next” button.

gmail basic info

Type in your basic information, please type in the correct one. google hates it when you try to game the system. trust me it won’t end well. so always type in your correct information. Once you are done, hit the Blue “Next” key.

gmail username

here you need to choose a username for your email, this will be your email adress +, so you might want to choose one that resonates with you and also not too long. when done, hit the “next” key.

gmail password

Next, you have to type in a strong password for your gmail account, Don’t forget this is a real and verified email account. the first layer of protection for every online account is the password, so choose a security-focused password, you don’t want your account hacked. when you’re done, repeat the same password into the next box and hit the “Next” key.

Here is the last stage before your gmail account is live, however most time this is an optional field.

sometimes it’s important like the image displayed above and sometimes it’s optional (which means you can decide to input your phone number or you can just skip it).

once you are done typing in your phone number, you receive a code from Google to verify that the number is yours, type in the code and you’re officially a verified email owner.


write a minimum of 800 words article to get backlinks from.

If you are familiar with backlinks, i’m sure this wouldn’t look strange to you, you need a quality article to publish on the domain which you will get a backlink from.

Now, how do you write a quality article of 800 words upwards?

i have a youtube tutorial guide on “3 Simple Steps to Write a Blog Post in 5 Minutes!“, this tutorial is very detailed.

However, i am going to give a brief explanation on how to write a quality article/blogpost in minutes.

  1. your article topic/title (you need to decide on what topic/title to write on)
  2. form an outline of the content you need in the article.
  3. write 100-300 words under each outline
  4. write your conclusion
  5. proofread and edit.

That’s all it take to write a quality article in minutes.

Now lets discuss each steps in details:


Article topic/title.

you need to decide on the topic you want to write on and it need to flow with your website.

take for example; if you have a veterinary product website and you need to build a backlink from the google domain to it.

you can decide to write on topics related to animals, like “What treat does a dog like the most” “What is a rabbit pet’s best friend”.

These are just examples, however you get the flow.

your content need to flow with the content of your blog or website where your backlink is going into.


Form an outline of the content you need in the article.

This is a very important part of your article writing, the quality of your outline will determine the quality of your overall content.

how do you form an outline?

you simple write out the subtopics or subsections of your main topic/title.

Take for example you are writing on the topic “What treat does a dog likes the most”.

The outline will look like this:

  • introduction
  • what are treats?
  • why do dogs like treat?
  • The best treats for every dog.
  • best treat for dogs by types.

As you can see, i simply break it down into parts, now it will be easy to write on each subsections.


write 100-300 words under each outline.

Once you outline has been succesfully formed, you just have to write a minimum of 100-300 words under each heading of the outline you formed.

like write about 100 words under introduction and many more.


write your conclusion

once you are done writing 100-300 words under each heading of your outline, then you have to write a conclusion. This is also an important part of an article, this will tell search engines and bot that the content is written by a profession.


proofread and edit

Lastly, you have to edit and proofread your content. This is practically easy.

since there are bunch of free tools that can help you do this. however its always good to do it yourself.

most time you’ll probably spot some mistakes that this tool might not find.

A recommended tool that can help you with proofreading is Grammarly.

It helps detects errors, misspelled words, sentence structures, grammars and many more.

There you have it. Next is to publish the article on domain.


how to publish your article on domain for backlink.

This is the most important step of this guide, you need to follow my lead, don’t make any mistakes.

Now, I assume you have your Gmail created and you also have a quality article with a minimum of 800 words written.

  1. Now, let’s log-in into our Gmail account first, if you’re already login, you can skip this step.
  2. go to or you can click here (google site).
  3. you’ll see something similar to the image below.
  4. Choose one of the templates available, this will make the process easier(since you’ll just have to edit the words and images to your preferred ones).
  5. I will choose the “dog walker” template for this guide.
  6. After selecting the dogwalker template, a mini website will be displayed with demo contents. (all we have to do is edit the content to our preferred content and published)
  7. click the left-top side of the page where its written “enter site name”, give the site a name, in this case I’ll give it a dog related name, that’s because I wrote a dog related content.
    Backlink site
  8. Next, The big box at the middle of the header, it says “dog walking & pet sitting, we’ll change that to our article topic/title.
  9. Next, scroll down, you’ll see the demo text, click on it, delete and paste all your article content into the section.
  10. When you are done, scroll down and edit all the detail below to your preferred details if you are a business or you can decide to delete the whole section if you want to.
  11. Next, let insert our backlink, now you need to be very careful, don’t just put your link in the text anyhow. it needs to be logical, for example if your website is related to Dogs treats, then you need to insert your backlink where it talks about something similar. this is very important, if you don’t  get this right, google might see your backlink has a spam link.
  12. lastly hit the publish blue button at the top-right corner to publish your website and establish your backlink with backlink

there you go.

You just created backlink on the online giant,

One of the best part of this is that, you can create as many has possible, however, I’ll advise you to always create them the right way with quality content, so google can see it as quality backlink.

Checkout the one I created for this guide here to see the live website.


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